Pipelining & Air Maintenance

Guaranteeing Security of Supply

Reliable and Careful

Thousands of kilometers of pipelines and high-voltage lines traverse Germany and form a complex supply network. Every day it must be ensured that gas, water, electricity or oil reliably reach the consumer. Control flights help to identify defects or hazards on lines quickly and inexpensively. This guarantees the security of supply for customers. 

We have been contractual partners of well-known energy companies since 1997.


We work with state-of-the-art PC-based equipment, which enables us to provide timely and extensive documentation of our control flights. These flights are carried out with ROBINSON® R44 and R66, two types of helicopters with the advantage of maneuverability and economic efficiency. 

We mostly conduct pipeline flights with the helicopters.

Some of our customers

Landschaft mit drei Windrändern bei Sonnenuntergang

Classic areas of operation

Maintenance flights are particularly useful if the to be inspected facilities are very large and / or difficult to access. Classic areas of application are:

Ablauf einer Pipelinewartung

Tägliche Routine


Zurück an der Homebase, wird alles nachbereitet: Heli, Rechner, alles gesichert Abrechnung gemacht und die Gasbetreiber über den Abschluss der Befliegung informiertgrundsätzlich beobachtet einer, bedient den Rechner und der andere fliegt und ist für die Streckenführung und Funk verantwortlich

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