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With a 24/7 operation, we are ready for all types of assignments for you. Regardless of whether you are a private or business customer, we can meet your needs. For that the company has a modern and safe fleet of airplanes and helicopters at its disposal. Discover our range of services, with a scenic flight over your own home, a VIP flight to Berlin or controlling entire power lines. We will be ready to serve you as soon as you are.

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Zwei Mitarbeiter*innen von heli-flight

Dispatch & Empfang

Allgemeine Anfragen

Ole Gehrmann

Accountable Manager, CEO, Fixed Wing Pilot, Commercial Helicopter Pilot

Verena Preiss

Human Resources Manager

Mitarbeiterfoto von Christian S. von heli-flight

Christian Scharf

Maintenance Manager

Michael Ritter

Airworthiness Manager & Certifying Staff

Mitarbeiterfoto von Andreas H. von heli-flight

Andreas Hennig

Pilot, Flight instructor, Examiner Assistant Safety Manager, Assistant Compliance Monitoring Manager


Stefan Gelzenleuchter

Operations Manager

Mitarbeiterfoto von Ingor Kern von Heli-flight

Igor Kern

Head of Training, Commercial Helicopter Pilot & Flight Instructor


Petra Salzmann

Financial Accounting


Swen Silber

Flight Operations Manager 


Alen Rosi

Facility Manager & Ground Operations Manager


Jan Sobick

Sales Manager