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Unforgettable views over the Taunus or the Frankfurt skyline? The perfect marriage proposal in a helicopter or on a plane? Company event with an exclusive outdoor kitchen, training room and a scenic flight for every employee? Be a pilot yourself for a day?

Whether for yourself or for someone else - with a flight experience you give away wonderful and breathtaking moments.

Rundflugtermine 2024

Unsere Rundflugtermine für das Jahr 2024: 

  • 23.03.2024
  • 14.04.2024
  • 18.05.2024
  • 23.06.2024
  • 20.07.2024
  • 24.08.2024
  • 21.09.2024
  • 20.10.2024

Scenic Flights & Temporary Pilot

Hubschrauber kurz vor dem Start eines Rundflugs

Scenic flight (helicopter)

Scenic flight in a Robinson R44 with a window seat

Duration Single ticket exklusive (1-3 passengers)
10 Minutes - 229 €
15 Minutes 109 € 319 €
30 Minutes 199 € 589 €
45 Minutes - 840 €
Blick aus der Frontscheibe des Cockpits eines Hubschrauber

Einführungsflug 1

After half an hour of instruction, you are the pilot on a 30-minute cross-country flight. For one person, total duration approx. 60 minutes. 30-minütigen cross country flight. For one person, total duration approx. 60 minutes.
Duration Exklusiv (1 Person)
Robinson R22 (up to 100kg) - helicopter 420 €
Robinson R44 (up to 136kg) - helicopter 640 €
Co-Pilot bei einem Charter Flug

Pilot für einen Tag / Einführungsflug 2

Become a temporary pilot at HELI-FLIGHT. You will receive a theoretical briefing and plan your flight together with the pilot. This is followed by a 90-minute cross-country flight after a 30-minute taster flight. In order to convince you of our safety standards, our pilot will give you a detailed pre-flight and post-flight check on the aircraft. Duration: 5-6 hours, 1 person Even nicer than being flown is just flying yourself. Become a temporary pilot with Heli-Flight! After the theoretical briefing, we will plan the flight with you. Then the pre-flight check and off to the cockpit for a 30-minute practice flight! You are then ready for the 90-minute cross-country flight with you in the cockpit. For one person, total duration 5-6 hours
Duration Exklusiv (1 Person)
Robinson R22 (max. 100 Kg) 1.190 €
Robinson R44 (bis 136 Kg) 1.790 €

Special Events

Purchase a scenic flight ticket tailored to your needs. You have the possibility to choose additional options and combinations for your flight. For any questions you can contact us at your convenience. Together with you, our employees will design your special event.

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