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Unforgettable views over the Taunus or the Frankfurt skyline? The perfect marriage proposal in a helicopter or on a plane? Company event with an exclusive outdoor kitchen, training room and a scenic flight for every employee? Be a pilot yourself for a day?

Whether for yourself or for someone else - with a flight experience you give away wonderful and breathtaking moments.

Rundflugtermine 2022

Unsere Rundflugtermine für das Jahr 2022: 

  • 19.03.2022
  • 10.04.2022
  • 14.05.2022
  • 19.06.2022
  • 16.07.2022
  • 31.07.2022
  • 28.08.2022
  • 17.09.2022
  • 16.10.2022

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the hygiene protection measures apply. Please wear mouth and nose protection on our premises. We cannot rule out short-term changes to dates or cancellations caused by the pandemic. We will inform anyone affected as quickly as possible. The dates mentioned refer to scenic flights by helicopter. Appointments for scenic flights by plane can be arranged individually. 


Scenic Flights & Temporary Pilot

Hubschrauber kurz vor dem Start eines Rundflugs

Scenic flight (helicopter)

Scenic flight in a Robinson R44 with a window seat

Duration Single ticket exklusive (1-3 passengers)
10 Minutes - 189 €
15 Minutes 95 € 249 €
30 Minutes 169 € 449 €
45 Minutes - 639 €
Kleines Flugzeug auf Landebahn

Scenic flight (airplane)

Rundflug in einer Piper PA-28 mit Sitzplatz am Fenster.

Zuladung maximal 3 Personen bis 270 kg.

Duration exklusive (1-3 passengers)
30 Minutes 169 €
45 Minutes 239 €
Blick aus der Frontscheibe des Cockpits eines Hubschrauber

Trial Flight

After half an hour of instruction, you are the pilot on a 30-minute cross-country flight. For one person, total duration approx. 60 minutes. 30-minütigen Überlandflug. Für eine Person, Gesamtdauer ca. 60 Minuten.
Duration Exklusiv (1 Person)
Piper PA 28 (up to 169 kg) - aircraft 169 €
Robinson R22 (up to 100kg) - helicopter 299 €
Robinson R44 (up to 136kg) - helicopter 399 €
Co-Pilot bei einem Charter Flug

Pilot for a day

Werden Sie Pilot auf Zeit bei HELI-FLIGHT. Sie erhalten eine theoretische Einweisung und Planen zusammen mit dem Piloten Ihren Flug. Anschließend erfolgt nach einem 30-minütigen Schnupperflug ein 90-minütiger Überlandflug. Um Sie von unseren Sicherheitsmaßstäben zu überzeugen, erhalten Sie mit unserem Piloten sowohl eine detaillierte Vor- als auch Nachflugkontrolle am Fluggerät. Dauer: 5-6 Stunden, 1 Person
Duration Exklusiv (1 Person)
Robinson R22 (max. 100 Kg) 1.090 €
Robinson R44 (bis 136 Kg) 1.690 €

Offers for Companies

As a company, experience an unforgettable day at HELI-FLIGHT. A training room, a restaurant with a summer terrace and aircraft for scenic flights are available for your meeting, conference or incentive event. Conduct further training in a dynamic environment or strengthen the cohesion within your team. For any questions, you can contact us at your convenience. Together with you we will design your individual corporate event.

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Special Events

Purchase a scenic flight ticket tailored to your needs. You have the possibility to choose additional options and combinations for your flight. For any questions you can contact us at your convenience. Together with you, our employees will design your special event.

For example how about ...

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