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Budget collection of flight hours

Budget collection of flight hours

Would you like to collect flight hours at low cost to expand your experience and/or reach your goal faster becoming a professional pilot?

HELI-FLIGHT® is not only a flight school with long-term experience, but also a large operational company with thousands of flight hours per year on helicopters and aeroplanes! Again and again there are so-called "empty flights / shuttle flights" which can be carried out by our own flight students. If, for example, a helicopter in Rostock must be exchanged for a helicopter in Reichelsheim, then we offer these shuttle flights at a significantly reduced charter price. Mostly those long flights are accompanied by an experienced flight instructor.

We currently offer this option for the ROBINSON® 22, ROBINSON® 44 and ROBINSON® 66 types only.® 22 , ROBINSON® 44 und ROBINSON® 66 an.

Please fill out the following form and we will notify you by email as soon as possible. Unfortunately, these flights cannot always be planned a long time in advance but may also take place at very short notice.

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