Robinson R66 – NVG Flugtraining für Europa

HELI-FLIGHT has modified its fleet of AS365 Dolphins to enhance HEMS operations under NVIS. In order to keep our fleet availability as high as expected by our customers and to keep operating costs low, we decided to modify a single Turbine Robinson R66 for NVIS Basic Flight Training.

HELI-FLIGHT offers this affordable and comprehensive night vision ground and flight training with the first modified Robinson R66 turbine helicopter in Europe, using the latest Generation III ANVIS-9 White Phosphor night vision goggles with 1600 and 1800 FOM.
Our Part-145 maintenance organization and night vision goggle repair workshop guarantees the highest availability of the helicopter and the NVIS equipment during the training period.

HELI-FLIGHT together with Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. achieved an EASA STC for the Robinson R66 Turbine. We have a strong connection with ASU who provide NVIS modifications and night vision flight training around the world.

Based in EDFB / Reichelsheim near Frankfurt, we have a variety of different scenarios from flat and bright urban to dark and sparsely populated hilly areas for Night Vision Flight Training.

We use the latest Generation III ANVIS-9 White Phosphor Goggles with 1600 FOM and 1800 FOM.

The ground and flight training can also be carried out with your night vision goggles in your operational area throughout Europe.

EU(VO) 965/2012, SPA.NVIS.130, AMC1 SPA.NVIS.130(f)(1), GM1 SPA.NVIS.130(f), GM2 SPA.NVIS.130 (f), GM3 SPA. NVIS.130(f), GM1 SPA.NVIS.140 are covered by our ground and flight training. The training curriculum is approved by our national authority.

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